services that i offer:

Full Custom Color- $375+
Consists of everything from root to ends, full hair transformation whether it be full blonding or full dimensional color Incorporating low lights, highlights. Includes shadow root, toner.

Custom Color Refresh- $335+
Partial take on the full customer color. Adding a refresh to lowlights or bright pieces partially placed throughout hair. Includes shadow root and toner.

Full foil Retouch- $310+
Ashley Yozamp Hair take on a “Basic foil”.
Full head regrowth foiled. Incorporating techniques such as baby light and teasy light to achieve specific outcome. REGROWTH only. for maximum blonding retouch. Includes shadow root/tap and toner.

Partial Foil Retouch-$290+
Partial regrowth of hair foiled with specific techniques to achieve fresh maximum blonding. Includes shadow root/tap and toner

Mini Foil- $135+
10 foils strategically placed to add brightness and dimension. quick refresh session great for in between colors or needing a quick touch up. Includes shadow root/tap and toner.

Retouch with foil- $315+
Root color applied with 10 foils placed strategically for added color and dimension refresh. Shadow root/tap and toner included 

Root Retouch-$110+
Permanent or Demi coverage to cover unwanted grey or to add tone back to fresh regrowth.

Full Head Color- $160+
Consists of all over one specific color to achieve richness and tone to current hair color. 
(No lifting or lightening of hair color, see full custom color)

Tone Gloss and Style Refresh- $110
Toner/Gloss refresh adds shine and vibrancy back to hair, recommended every 6-8weeks to keep hair looking shiny and healthy. Tone can neutralize current color or add warm or cool tones. Includes blowout and style.
(Does not lighten or brighten hair color)

Haircut: $65

Conditioning/protein treatment: $30

Add haircut to any color service: $50

Pricing will vary depending on amount of hair and desired look. 
Below is a starting base price.